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Regonal News

Capital Press has the regonal news. NOTE: anything they replubish from the AP is slanted.

Capital Press | Oregon

Last updated Thursday, November 29 at 8:32

Report: Climate Change Is Already Bringing Problems To Northwest — And It Will Get Worse

11/28/2018 11:52 AM
Oregon, Washington and Idaho can expect more extreme weather creating more landslides, flooding, drought and wildfires.

Oregon seeing red in its dispute with California winery

11/28/2018 11:43 AM
Both the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau and Oregon’s liquor agency have ruled that Copper Cane’s labels...

Christmas tree supplies remain tight

11/28/2018 6:30 AM
A continued shortage of Christmas trees grown in the Northwest will likely mean higher prices this season.

Watchdog clears Zinke in Utah monument probe

11/27/2018 8:50 AM
Zinke faces other investigations, including one centered on a Montana land deal.

Regulators recommend for California winery to lose licenses

11/27/2018 8:22 AM
The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has recommended for a California winery to lose its licenses to distribute wine or do retail...

Potential settlement reached in Oregon farmer’s Clean Water Act lawsuit

11/26/2018 9:18 AM
A potential settlement has been reached in the federal Clean Water Act lawsuit against Oregon farmer Bill Case, though he still disagrees...

Oregon Horse Rescue saves last-chance horses

11/26/2018 6:32 AM
Nonprofit organization rehouses, rehabilitates horses.

Saving the wild West: Greeley Ranch

11/26/2018 6:22 AM
ROCKVILLE, Ore. — When Mike Greeley was 12, he shot his first sage grouse on his father’s Malheur County cattle ranch...

Photo gallery: Cranberry harvest near Gearhart

11/26/2018 5:28 AM
The family tradition of growing and harvesting cranberries goes back a generation.

California winery to change labels for Oregon brands

11/23/2018 7:50 AM
A Napa Valley winery at the center of a labeling dispute in Oregon has agreed to put new labels on two brands of Oregon Pinot noir,...

It may be harder to find the perfect Christmas tree

11/21/2018 7:41 AM
Prices could be a bit higher than last year’s average retail price of about $75.

Washington AG takes war on Trump to Utah monuments

11/21/2018 6:55 AM
Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, a frequent litigator against Trump, argues to enshrine boundaries of national monuments.

White resigns as Klamath Water Users Association director

11/21/2018 5:33 AM
The executive director of the Klamath Water Users Association has announced he is resigning effective Nov. 30.

Oregon farm regulators submit canola recommendations

11/21/2018 5:19 AM
Multiple scenarios for regulating canola were offered to Oregon lawmakers in a new report from the Oregon Department of Agriculture....

Thanksgiving in wine country

11/21/2018 4:58 AM
Wine Country Thanksgiving is Nov. 23-25 in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, an historically significant sales weekend for the region’s...

Feds: California vintner can’t use Oregon label on his wines

11/20/2018 1:18 PM
A major California wine producer must stop using labels that imply a connection to Oregon pinot noir grapes

Report: Oregon needs a separate state agency for legal pot

11/20/2018 1:17 PM
The lines regarding who’s responsible for what have changed over time.

USDA designates Canyon, Payette counties disaster areas due to drought

11/20/2018 5:22 AM
Producers in contiguous counties also may apply for emergency loans.

Limagrain provides wheat variety update

11/19/2018 8:21 AM
Executives with Limagrain Cereal Seeds discussed new wheat varieties released in 2018, and others under development, at the Tri-State...

Overcoming perception key to bright future for food barley

11/19/2018 7:36 AM
Bryce McKay, commercial manager for Highland Specialty Grains in Moses Lake, Wash., outlined efforts to boost the profile of food...

$5.3 million awarded to 7 Oregon water projects

11/19/2018 5:24 AM
About $5.3 million was awarded to seven water supply projects around Oregon.

Judge hears challenge to grazing in Hells Canyon area

11/18/2018 12:45 PM
The Greater Hells Canyon Council of La Grande argued in front of Judge Patricia Sullivan regarding the perceived harm caused by cattle...

U.S. House passes bill to drop legal protections for gray wolves

11/16/2018 7:17 AM
The measure was approved, 196-180, and now goes to the Senate, where prospects are murkier.

Beef Magazine.

Beef is not able to match the others for quanity, but they do a good job of showing the family side of ranch bussiness.

Beef Magazine

Last updated Tuesday, July 24 at 1:32

Top 15 “Best Ranch Hands” photos announced

07/23/2018 4:44 PM
Check out the finalists in the “Best Ranch Hands” photography contest and vote for your favorite today!

Mid-year Cattle inventory report shows beef cows up 1%

07/23/2018 3:59 PM
July estimate indicates that despite drought, cowherd rebuilding continues.

15 best ranch hands finalists

07/23/2018 4:07 PM
We've narrowed 90+ entries down to 15. Help us select a winner by voting here.

5 Trending Headlines: Drones, drones on the range; PLUS: Guidelines for culling cows

07/23/2018 2:25 PM
Technology is finding a home on the range as drones make running a ranch more efficient. That and more awaits you in this week’s...

Farmers talk about getting improved forage quality by baling silage bales

07/23/2018 1:27 PM
As cattlemen strive to improve the quality of the hay and forage they feed, more and more are adopting the growing practice of baling...

Farm Progress America, July 23, 2018

07/23/2018 7:30 AM
Max Armstrong talks about a key issue impacting the upcoming farm bill conference committee discussions

Resources to combat forced vegetarianism in the workplace

07/22/2018 6:09 PM
In response to WeWork’s company-wide meat ban, the North American Meat Institute rolled out a new website, IChooseMeat.com.

This Week in Agribusiness – July 21, 2018

07/21/2018 9:00 AM
Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong talk lab-grown meat, China soybeans, drones and the real definition of ‘milk’

7 ag stories you might have missed this week - July 20, 2018

07/20/2018 4:00 PM
Eugene Sukup dies, new feed mill in Wisconsin and House farm bill conferees named.

Farm Progress America, July 20, 2018

07/20/2018 6:00 AM
Max Armstrong digs into the issue of who regulates lab-grown meat

Manage disease risk and weight variation with arrival metaphylaxis

07/19/2018 5:31 PM
Trial results show the importance of managing BRD based on disease risk and weight variation

How to keep pastures healthy in hot, dry summers

07/19/2018 1:46 PM
Wet, cool spring delayed forage growth. Summer came on hot and dry. Arkansas scientists offers pointers for healthy pastures.

Yearling price increase pulls more feeder cattle off pasture

07/19/2018 1:38 PM
Feeder cattle receipts and prices improve, but it's the opposite for slaughter cows -- while there were more cows, prices were...

Meat Market Update | Steak products lead the way as prices go lower

07/19/2018 1:36 PM
Ed Czerwien, market analyst based in Amarillo, Texas, offers a concise summary of how last week's beef trade impacted the cattle...

2018 crop analysis: Is corn underpriced?

07/19/2018 11:48 AM
While analysts digest USDA numbers and try to guess the extent of this fall’s harvest, the corn market chugs along.

Preventing sexual harassment at the ranch

07/19/2018 11:26 AM
Sexually oriented comments and behaviors can destroy workplace morale and spark costly lawsuits. As victims of sexual harassment...

South Dakota rancher uses cover crops, rotational grazing to extend grazing period

07/19/2018 11:18 AM
South Dakota rancher Jared Namken uses cover crops and rotational grazing to lengthen the grazing season, reduce feed costs, and...

Tips for using drought-stressed corn for cattle

07/19/2018 11:18 AM
Silage is an option for a failed corn crop, but make sure to run the numbers before you chop your corn.

Farm Progress America, July 19, 2018

07/19/2018 7:30 AM
Max Armstrong offers insight on a new program that promotes farm safety in a new way

Beef quality matters, but is that enough?

07/18/2018 11:17 AM
Beef producers have made remarkable strides in producing a product that keeps consumers coming back. Can we continue the momentum?

Who is your best ranch hand?

07/18/2018 10:32 AM
There’s still time to enter BEEF and Durango’s “Best Ranch Hands” photo contest.

It’s summer, and the fly wars are on

07/18/2018 9:54 AM
Controlling flies now pays dividends later.

Farm Progress America, July 18, 2018

07/18/2018 7:30 AM
Max Armstrong looks at the potential of fiber made from food waste

Fed Cattle Recap| Cash trade takes a step back

07/17/2018 5:45 PM
The cash trade took a breather from last week’s torrid pace with significantly lower volume.

Could robot butchers replace employees in packing plants?

07/17/2018 5:05 PM
As JBS invests in a robotics company, the packing industry could change dramatically in the next 20 years. Will robot butchers eliminate...

Farm Progress America, July 17, 2018

07/17/2018 7:30 AM
Max Armstrong talks aerial application technology

Global company implements no-meat policy

07/16/2018 1:06 PM
WeWork bans meat at company events and for employees expensing meals. Here’s what’s wrong with that picture and why beef production...

5 Trending Headlines: Traceability and branded beef; PLUS: Mitigating heat stress on pregnant cows

07/16/2018 11:44 AM
Traceability is a hot topic right now in the beef business. And while traceability isn’t a marketing claim by itself, consumer...

Farm Progress America, July 16, 2018

07/16/2018 7:30 AM
Max Armstrong looks at a key sticking point to farm bill negotiations

This Week in Agribusiness, July 14, 2018

07/14/2018 9:00 AM
Max Armstrong and Orion Samuelson talk about presidential pardons, trade with China and hear about a very special collection of dirt....

Ag industry News

Drovers one of the more prolific beef papers has allowed me to access their news though the Cattle Network. Note: they are Anti-Cool, pro beef checkoff ect.

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