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The Return of the Blog!


It has been a year since I last noted an update to the blog.

What have I been doing? I have spent a lot of time helping a friend with a webstore based on wordpress. I still do not like using wordpress for my own projects any more than I did before. On the plus side that project has given me a whole lot better skill set for working with css. I can now claim to fully understand specificity and how to use it to my advantage and I now have a much better idea how to dig into the workings on a project and style the project to do what I want it to. For example this blog now actually looks like it belongs here. Where as before it was obviously something added on.

Since I have last posted I have changed hosts! The new guys have the latest tech and are helpful. The old guys were also helpful, but hopelessly out of date with no plans on getting up to date. It was really starting to limit what I could do. When I moved from one host to the other I had to redo a lot of the code as the new host is few major versions of php, mysql and SQLite newer and not all of the code was compatible.

I have also acquired some better icons for the maps thanks to CCTV

I have added a few more data providers including ODWR and USGS. Both of whom are now providing me with their gauge data. I have tried to get reservoir from the BLM. They are willing and even have a nice interface for coders such as myself to use to access it. It is a fairly old program that uses REST calls. If you have no idea what a REST call is, you are not alone. Even after reading a few tutorials on them and using their examples I have not figured it out enough to get what I want. After a few nights of trying I have delayed my further attempts for a while.

website 2016-12-15.jpg

The front page has been redone to actually do something useful. Namely it has the weather, sunrise/set, moonrise/set and a small map with the road info for the area along with the gauge stations on the local rivers. Before I changed hosts you could log in and set your own location. Once I implement a forum I will enable that feature again.

The main thing that I have been working on keeping active is the gauge data vs tribal claims. This summer they were using something called a SIF specified instream flow. Depending on the location the SIF changed every month or in some places daily. The equations to figure them out were not simple. I asked a friend who went to school in the subject help me figure out the math and I coded up a script that would figure it out every month. It is noteworthy that for most of the summer there were only two groups doing the math, me and the Klamath Tribes. As far as I know our numbers were normally close to the same, but it was interesting that I was the only one double checking them for a while.

The last few years most of the people in the Upper Klamath area have been able to irrigate if they agreed to trade away their property rights. It is looking like that agreement is falling apart and starting this next spring the Klamath Tribes will shut off as much of the water in the Upper Klamath Basin as they can. In fact the water was shut off starting last month. If you are checking your calendar and wondering why they have called the water in November you are not alone.

Anyway, hopefully over the coming weeks I will get the water data in a better format that is easier for people and then I will see about writing up a paper on the history of the water in the area. I have been active in the water wars since the KBRA. Prior to that I have heard parts of the history here and there, but never in one place. I hope to be able to get it all in one place.

Do keep and eye on the site as there will be more updates in the near future!

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