First post


In my spare time I am creating this website as a single place a person can go to view any data/weather/news they could wish. Klamath is the nearest town and this is essentially a news outlet, hence Klamath Free Press

In 2013 I started with News from the Capital Press and Weather from NOA, water flows on the local streams and rivers and several newsletters. Fall of 2014 I got busy with other things. When I came back to the project someone had hacked it and made a mess.

Summer 2015 I have started this project again from scratch with an eye to make better for mobile and harder to hack.(Please do not take it as a challenge, but if you should note any holes please point them out.)

This time I started with:

  • 7 day weather forecast,
  • Animated Weather map,
  • Industrial Fire level with Fire Danger level,
  • Maps showing smoke from fires.
  • Ag related news from Capital press,
  • More Ag news from Beef magazine,
  • ODOT Road Cameras,

In a list like that it looks fairly impressive. When looked at on the website, it is not particularly impressive. Hopefully it will get more impressive as time goes on.

My current focus is the map. It turns out there are a whole lot of resources out there that can be plotted on a map. There are dozens of base maps, and hundreds of overlays. The base maps I currently have are there with an eye toward being handy for seeing roads as my first use was Oregon road cameras.

I recently added a NOAA cloud map as well. NOAA has tons of stuff, though most of it is hard to find and get working. At least for me. NASA also has a few interesting resources. Want to see a zoomable map of the world taken in the last 24-36 hours? I could added it, and dozens, maybe hundreds of other cool things. The trick is going to be figuring out what to add and what to not. It would be easy to clutter the map interface.

Now to add Cal and Washington Cameras.

Oh and I should mention this blog. It is based on a script called Habari. Odds are no one has heard of it. I like it because it has a small foot print and is a whole lot easier for someone who likes to hand code their posts.(Wordpress is horrible if you like to use your own code.) Why the heck did I start a blog? Well blame it on a book, the happiness project. I just finished it and found a lot of good ideas. One of those made me think this may be a good way to give users of my project a way to get to know a little about me and hopefully give me some feed back.

Speaking of me, who am I?

Just a ranch kid with too much spare time. I live and work on the family cattle ranch between Klamath and Lakeview Oregon. At night I like a challenge and programing is a good challenge for me. I have worked on several projects over the years ranging from the ranch website to a farmer's market site and a big gallery for an artist. That gallery in particular gave me a lot of experience with big projects. Hopefully as I build this I am planning ahead far enough that this will be easy to manage as time goes on.