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California road cameras


Getting permission to use Caltrans Cameras was a challenge. They divide their state into 12 districts. District 1 is in the NW, district 2 is in the NE, 3 and 4 are the next two down, ect. I contacted district 2 as it is the one closest to me. I both Emailed and called. They had no idea what to do with me and pointed me to a nice guy from district 1. He had no idea if Caltrans had any developer tools or not, but I could use what I could find.

I found another private website who is using Caltrans cameras and talked with their webmaster, he was hot linking anything he liked and had not bother contacting Caltrans. At this point I was starting to think he had a good idea there.

ODOT and Washington Department of Transportation have nice pages with lots of info for web developers. If backwards Oregon had one I knew Caltrans had to have one. If not they had to have the same tools and info to make their fancy map work. With that in mind I went hunting through the code to see how the map worked. In doing so I stumbled across some stuff referencing District 13. Some how tracking that down I found someone who pointed me to another person who pointed me in the right direction to their developer page which was down that day, but would be up shortly. I have yet to see it actually up and working, but I did find the resources I was looking for and now you can see Caltrans cameras.

I have only put up district 1,2 and 3. If there is any demand for the rest I am happy to add them on request. I am still waiting for the developer page to work so that I can log in and see what other fun info I can access. I am hoping for a feed talking about wrecks. Maybe a weather station feed as well.

By the way if district 13 sounds familiar, there are a few more similarities. It is darn near impossible to find. It is the district that does the tech stuff for the state.

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