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Ag Industry News.


I have put out requests to various ag publications for permission to use their feeds. So far everyone has been happy for me to use their news feeds as I only ask for a summery of the articals and then I point readers to their respective websites to read the full artical.

So far everyone that I have asked who has bothered to respond has been happy to hear from me. I started with Capital press. They provide regional news and do an OK job.

The next round of requests I sent out 3 requests and got one reply from beef. They do beef industry stuff. They do not post much, but they are interesting enough.

Today, I reached out to Drovers. They claim to be one of the longer running Magazines. I do not know about that. I do know we get 3 copies in the mail. They support beef check off and were very anti COOL. They post many times a day and have access to a lot of data about sales, imports, exports, beef butchered, ect.

I am on the look out for other sources of news. Have a suggestion? If so drop me a line.

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